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No more repeat trips to the hardware store for installation supplies. The GEOSATpro install supplies kit provides only the highest quality hardware for proper installation of a Glorystar, DirecTV, Dish Network or any MPEG-2 / FTA satellite system. We have carefully chosen only the best grade products for this exclusively manufactured installation supplies kit. 

Everything from the fluid filled compass for locating the direction of the satellite, grounding supplies for lightning protection to the silicone sealant for any wall or roof penetrations is included to insure an easy, safe and quality installation. Lag bolts, nylon ties and cable clips secure the dish mounting and cables. UL rated RG6 coax cables with 360 degree radial compression fittings and rubber o-rings provide water resistant seals against the elements. Replacement item for the original DKIT96 kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Coaxial Cable 75 Ft. RG6
  • Coaxial Cable 25 Ft. RG6
  • Coaxial Cable RG6 Jumper 3'
  • Grounding Wire 10 Ft. 8AWG
  • Grounding Block Dual 3GHz
  • Grounding Strap 6"
  • 2 Lag Bolts with Collar 3" x 5/16"
  • 4 Lag Bolts with Collar 2" x 5/16"
  • 6 Nylon Tie Wraps
  • 8 Coax Cable Clips
  • 1 Silicone Sealant 15ml
  • 1 Compass Liquid Filled


(No reviews yet) Write a Review