GeoSatpro 1.2 Meter KU OFFSET Satellite Dish


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Product Overview

GEOSATpro 1.2 Meter Offset Dish Antenna with Box 
  • Designed and Built to Provide Years of Dependable Reception in Extreme Elements
  • Heavy Duty 3 inch Dual U-Bolt Mounting Bracket Suitable for Post or Motor Mounts / Easily inverted for use with top loading motor mounts
  • Efficient / High Gain Reflector
  • Perfect for Fringe Area Reception of Weak Signals (outperforms Channel Master and all Competitor Designs)
  • C-Band LNB mount available C-band LNBF Mount
  • Durable and Attractive Grey Textured Finish
  • Single Box Packaging suitable for Residential Delivery
  • Bulk Quantity Pallet Delivery Available
  • Works perfectly with HH120 STAB motor (check our listing on this website)

GEOSATpro 1.2M inverted mount on a dish motor with 55mm Tube

Two units can be shipped together in one shipping box with no increase in freight cost. A carton fee of $50 (carton, packaging, and strapping) is included in the item price. The average cost of shipping is $285 or less to most US addresses. If this item is purchased in bulk, the included $50 shipping carton charge is removed. Bulk orders will be shipped by pallet and a pallet fee of $100 will be applied. Please call for heavy weight freight or international shipping quotes. The individual shipping carton dimensions are 58" x 52" x 10" and weight is 52 lbs. Two dishes can be shipped in one carton with a weight of 82 lbs.

P.S. Due to extreme price variations, the shipping has to be confirmed before shipment. 

* The online shipping quote cannot be guaranteed on this oversize ground freight item. You may be contacted within one business day with an adjusted final shipping quote.


Antenna Size 1.2 Meter (48 Inches)
Offset Angle 27.3 deg.
Aperture Efficiency 80%
Horizontal Axis 120 cm (47.24 in)
Vertical Axis 135 cm (53.15 in)
Assembled Weight 12.25 kg (27 lbs)
Gain @ 12.5 GHz 43dB
Focal Length 60 cm (23.62 in)
F/D Ratio .6
Mount Type U-Bolt Az / El with Fine Tuning Adjustment
Azimuth Ajustment

360 deg.

Elevation Adjustment 15 - 90 deg.
Mast Diameter Minimum: 55mm (2.16"),  Maximum 76 mm (3") 
Operating Temperature -40 C - +60 C
Operational Wind Speed 90 km/H (56 mph)
Survival Wind Speed 180 km/H (112 mph)
Finish Texture Polyester Powder Coating

Gavanized Steel

LNB Mount Type Universal 40 mm / 23 mm clamp
Color Grey

Download Assembly Diagram

Custom 1.2M Carton Suitable for Shipping
1 or 2 Dishes with Accessories
58" x 52" x 10" 
52 lbs - 1 unit / 78 lbs - 2 units

Shipping and Handling:

Customer is responsible to inspect the goods upon arrival and for immediate claims.
Customer has to mark the claims on the delivery receipt, otherwise they are responsible for the damage.  
SatelliteAV is not responsible for claims that are not reported to the delivery man upon arrival.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review