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MOUNT - NON PEN FLAT ROOF TYPE NPR6B WITH 1 5/8 and 2in. reversable  POST
MOUNT - NON PEN FLAT ROOF TYPE NPR6B WITH 1 5/8 and 2in. reversable POST
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NPR6B Non-Pentrating Roof Mount and Pad

A NPRM (Non-Penetrating Roof Mount) solves the problems associated with flat-roof installations or used as an alternative when a non-permanent installation is required. No permanent holes or mounts are needed to secure the dish into position. Cement blocks or cement premix bags can be used to as ballast to weight  and secure the base. The NPR6B is perfect for GEOSATpro 1.2M dish installations and GEOSATpro 90cm (36in) dish installations. This is thanks to reversible post, that is 1 5/8 inches Outer Diameter on one end and 2 inches on the other.

The NPR6B base frame is a very heavy duty and well manufactured from 1.25" x 1.25" x 0.188" angle iron and holds up to 8 cement blocks. Base frame features a seven step thermoset powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and rust. The footprint covers approximately 9 square feet of roof space - 36" x 36"

1 5/8 and 2 inches post included.

We highly recommend purchasing the pad which eliminates movement of the base and damage to the roofing material.

The mount allows adjustable angle for pitched roofs.

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